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Eternity Diamonds are a third generation, Australian owned family business that have been donning the hands of couples for more than 15 years.

Every Eternity Diamond is independently certified, guaranteed, responsibly sourced and is a scintillating treasure that can proudly be passed on to generations of family.  More on our story.

Our Diamond


Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds are cut to exacting mathematical proportions to show maximum brilliance.  The resulting explosion of light sets the Eternity Diamond apart from just any diamond.  Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds exclusive Hearts and Arrows diamond was developed to give you a diamond that is “one in a million”- the most perfectly cut diamond in the world. 

No precious stone comes out of the ground perfectly formed. Invariably what enhances the worth of any gemstone is what is done to it once it is mined and brought to the House ultimately responsible for revealing its inner beauty. We know that diamonds achieving the highest grade are those that adhere to what are traditionally known as the Four Cs—Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. 

More information on the 4C's of diamond grading.

About Eternity finely cut diamonds

Guaranteed by Certification

Every Eternity Finely Cut Diamond undergoes strict laboratory testing to give a true and accurate account in all aspects of the 4C's.  A diamond grading report prepared in the Australian Diamond Grading Laboratory accompanies every diamond.  

Laser Inscribed

All Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds above 0.50ct are indiviually laster inscribed on the girdle with the brand name and the unique Diamond Grading Report Number.  This inscription, visible under a jeweller's loupe, is your proof of ownership in the event of loss or theft.

Conflict Free and Guaranteed Natural

All of our diamonds are guaranteed to be natural and are also guaranteed to be conflict free and comply with both the United Nations Resolution and The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.  

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