8 Perfect Hearts, 8 Perfect Arrows

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It is the cut that makes the difference and Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds

is one such brand that stands apart.

Ask anyone what they can tell you about a diamond, and in most cases they will divulge the 4C’s quite effortlessly. To understand a diamond’s value, it is essential that you understand the standards of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. While colour, clarity and carat are all features that help to determine the quality and value of your diamond, the most important criterion to determine the quality of a diamond is the quality of its cut. This does not refer to the overall shape of the diamond but rather the quality of the cutting. It is the most important aspect of any diamond. The way a diamond is cut influences the way in which it refracts and reflects light. A diamond may be colourless and flawless but if it is not cut well, it will appear dull and lifeless. A well cut diamond has more sparkle, and sparkle, as the diamond houses already know, is exactly what you’re paying for. The proportion, finish and symmetry of the external facets of the diamond are what create the fire and brilliance.

One such diamond brand that lives up to the maximum sparkle factor is Eternity Diamonds. Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds come in ten standard shapes (round brilliant, princess, oval, emerald, radiant, pear, asscher, cushion, heart and marquise).

Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds are cut to exacting mathematical proportions to show maximum brilliance. The resulting explosion of light sets the Eternity Diamond apart from just any diamond. Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds exclusive Hearts and Arrows diamond was developed to give consumers a diamond that is “one in a million”- the most perfectly cut diamond in the world. Named because of an optical effect of tiny hearts and arrows that can be seen when the diamond is viewed at magnification, Eternity Hearts and Arrows Diamonds are cut to exacting specifications using a sophisticated computer and light programme. 

The end result is “a diamond that offers perfection in polish, symmetry and proportions with a reflection capacity of almost 100 per cent of all available light.”

This sheer brilliance and fire elevates the Eternity Hearts and Arrows Diamond to a level of its own. In fact, so confident are Eternity Diamonds of the quality of the Hearts and Arrows cut that every customer receives a complimentary symmetry viewer through which the optical pattern of 8 perfect hearts and 8 perfect arrows can be clearly viewed at all times.

With the myriad of diamonds available today, it can be daunting making such an important purchase without all the factual information. This is why every Eternity Diamond comes with a diamond grading report issued by the Australian Diamond Grading Laboratory. The grading report must achieve a grading of ‘Very Good’ in all aspects of the cutting parameters to meet the standards of an Eternity Finely Cut Diamond. An Eternity Hearts and Arrows Diamond must achieve an ‘Excellent’ grade in cutting parameters and includes a photograph of the actual diamond together with a photo of the section of the girdle which shows the laser engraved certificate number.  

This certification gives you the confidence and assurance of the diamond’s value. As all Eternity certificates are guaranteed, your diamond will be replaced if the diamond’s quality is disputed. The certificate provides both the insurer and the insured with an absolute confirmation of the stone in question.

Eternity Diamonds have combined simple yet elegant ring designs with the excellence of certified Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds, making each individual piece a testament to quality and finish. Setting the standards for innovative concepts, the collection of beautifully crafted, Australian Made and hand finished pieces have been designed to suit the ever growing demands of the Australian consumer. All of these stunning pieces come with a 15 year warranty. This warranty is one of the best that exist in the Australian market and is rarely seen when purchasing jewellery.

It is recommended that you request independent certification when purchasing a diamond from a company that will guarantee the diamond grading report. This will ensure you are getting exactly what you have paid for. A GIA report or other similar report will state “…this report is not a guarantee, valuation or appraisal” and “…inscriptions reported in this document are not a guarantee, validation, or warranty of a diamond’s quality.” Eternity Diamonds are different. They do not come with a ‘report’ of the diamond’s perceived quality- they are independently certified, checked and rechecked by a number of diamond graders to ensure the certification is an absolute guarantee.

Purchasing a branded diamond, and more specifically an Eternity Diamond, is your guarantee of quality. Branding reputation is extremely important and a brand will value and guard their good name at all times. It is very difficult to hold a Certification Laboratory or Online Merchant accountable for a less than perfect diamond. Whereas it is relatively easy in our world of social media to hold a quality brand to account for their name and product.

Insist on owning an Eternity Diamond for your next purchase and be assured that your diamond is guaranteed to be as described and an eternally beautiful heirloom for many generations to come.